Lawrence Ypil

My Father's Garden

While there are things that we spend most of our lives trying to avoid inheriting from our fathers — a bad temper, an insistent and unrelenting desire for order, an impatience for mediocrity, even a growing and unavoidable bald spot—there are also those things that we see in our fathers, which, no matter how hard we pray that genetics will finally grant us its rare favor, we know, we just know we will never ever get.

Impermanent Residencies

Derelict in space ruled by a strange law of motion, I while away the time sketching the idle cartography of a new world. -Resil Mojares

Drain of Thought

And because our toilet in the house has conked out, given up, has insisted that “flushing” isn’t about the water going down the drain but going up to meet you with your quickly growing, yellow reflection, I’m tempted to think this is some sign or symbol or foreboding omen of things to come.

Claire de Lune at Dusk

Some afternoons here seem like a dream. Just yesterday, straight from a three-hour poetry class, I step out into a glowing field of music. The Christmas lights of the field have been turned on: long streams of bulbs hanging like hair on the dark heads of trees. Piano notes stretch their long and invisible arms into the darkening field. Claire de Lune was playing, or was it Chopin? Like the background music to a play or a show. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought I was in a movie.

Writing Rain

When I think of rain, I think of writing. When I think of the months, June, July, August, when the rains start, and the typhoons come, leave, storms start, stop, gutters fill with water, water levels rise and then recede, I think of the days and nights of writing. I think of the hours whose distinct pleasures lie in staying indoors, sitting on a chair at the desk by the window writing.

Whatever It Is You Want

If there’s anything at all that can keep me on hold, in thrall, still and breathless, willing to hold off the call of the world of work, even for a day, then it would have to be a good book.